Oklahoma City Outdoor Lighting Services

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Outdoor lighting serves many purposes, including security, aesthetics, and general illumination. At Alliance Expert Services, we offer the complete range of outdoor lighting solutions to property owners in Oklahoma City, OK.

Whether you want to install lighting to use your patio at night or accentuate landscape features in your yard, we have a solution for you. As an outdoor lighting company, our services are available to commercial and residential property owners. With our straightforward pricing, financing options, and workmanship guarantees, complete customer satisfaction is our sole objective.

Do you want to control your indoor light brightness? Contact us for a dimmer lighting installation.

Outdoor Lighting Services to Illuminate Your Yard and Patio

There are various types of outdoor lighting, each with unique attributes to fulfill a specific function. We offer a comprehensive range of outdoor lighting solutions for your yard and patio:

  • Landscape lighting: Yard lighting adds unique visual appeal to your garden by drawing attention to your lawn, pool, a tree, or other outdoor elements. Landscape lighting also sheds light on walkways, steps, or patio space for safe and easy use.
  • Security lighting: Spot or floodlights are your property's first line of defense against intruders. Burglars and vandals prefer to operate in the dark, and security lighting effectively prevents break-ins.

What Are the Benefits of Motion Sensor Lighting?

Many homeowners prefer to install motion sensor lighting for their yard- or patio lights. When motion sensor lights detect heat waves emitting from moving objects in their field of view, they switch on for a set duration. Because you don’t have to switch these lights on, they are ideal as emergency lighting.

There are several benefits to motion sensor lighting:

  • Alert the presence of activity around your building.
  • Deterrent of burglars.
  • Shed light on pathways and driveways.
  • Keep animals away from your garden.

Because these lights only go on when they detect movement, they use less energy than conventional outdoor lighting.

If you plan a home renovation project, contact us for a chandelier and ceiling fan installation.

We Also Do Holiday Light Installations!

Our outdoor lighting solutions include the installation and removal of holiday lighting to decorate your home for Christmas, Halloween, or any other time you like. This service provides for the installation of heavy-duty LED lights to your walls, roof, or trees using industrial clips, extension cords, and three-way connectors. To spice up your holiday lighting, we also install dual-outlet sensing timers.

After the holidays, we will remove the lights, and you can place them in storage for use the following year--your new lights are yours to keep.

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