Wall switch replacement for the OKC Metro

Wall Switch Replacement Services in Oklahoma City

Wall switches are critical  to your home’s electrical performance. You interact with them every time you enter or leave a room, and can sometimes take them for granted. That’s why AES knows the importance of having enough switches to not only control your light sources, but to make sure they are wired correctly to keep your home lit safely and efficiently. Call Alliance Services today to learn how we can help you!

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Wall switches are fundamental to your building’s electric performance. You use them nearly every single time you go into or leave a room, and can often take them for approved. That’s why Alliance Services understands the necessity of having enough switches to not just control your various light sources, but also to make sure they are wired correctly to maintain your home’s safety.


Not only can light switches wear out and degrade with time and frequent use, improper wiring may create complications with future electrical issues in your home. Alliance Services can help you determine the best kind of switch for every fixture, as well as ensure that it can supply you years of trustworthy operation and efficiency. Some scenarios that may require a replacement wall switch:

  • Inability to meet structure codes and safety standards
  • Switches that don’t work
  • Damaged components
  • Exposed wiring
  • Wear-and-tear from everyday usage

New Installation

Whether you are re-configuring your building’s ambient lighting setup or starting brand-new building from scratch, it is essential to have switches in the ideal area. Alliance Services’ skilled electrical contractors will make the effort to analyze your building’s lighting as well as power needs to suggest and also install brand-new power switches in your house, providing a risk-free & efficient personalized configuration that you’ll  appreciate for many years. By building in brand-new electrical outlets, you’ll reduce the opportunity of overwhelming existing circuits, as well as promote optimal power consumption.

Safety First

While you maybe be inspired to turn to YouTube to DIY a light switch yourself, it takes a highly trained expert to know to it it’s done right. Not only is security an issue, of course, but there are many potential negative aspects to even the smallest wiring mistake.

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